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Quantitative Adjective

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Adjectives are the ones which qualify noun or pronoun or the ones which tells something about noun or pronoun. They can be in the form of quality, quantity, number, etc. Adjective is one of the most fundamental topic for all the aspirants . Adjectives are of many types and one of the most imperative one is Quantitative Adjective

What are Quantitative Adjective

Quantitative adjectives are the adjectives that modifies a noun by indicating any number or any quantity of countable or uncountable nouns . However they are named as quantitative which means quantity of something but sometimes they denote number also.

Quantitative Adjective Examples

Quantitative Adjectives state the number of countable nouns and quantity of uncountable nouns . Let’s have a look on some examples:

1. She has many devices which are to be reused.

Here many is an adjective which tells the number of devices which is a countable noun.

2. The pan consists of enough vegetables which can be cooked.

Enough is an adjective which qualifies the vegetables.

3. Some milk is required to cook this dish.

Some is a quantitative adjective which state about the milk.

4. Her whole body is burnt.

Whole is an adjective which signifies body.

5. The beggar has little money to waste.

Money is an uncountable noun and little is a quantitative adjective.

How to find a Quantitative Adjective in a sentence

Quantitative adjective is the one which denotes or state something about noun or pronoun it can be any number or quantity.

For example:

1. There is much information to be shared with the CBI

Much is a quantitative adjective which tells about information

2. We have sufficient money to purchase the Audi

Sufficient is a quantitative adjective which tells about noun i.e. money

3. Most children like to have chocolates

Most is a numeral adjective / quantitative which says about children

4. There are sixty girls in this class

Sixty is a quantitative adjective / numeral which qualifies girls which is a countable noun.

Different types of Quantitative Adjective

Quantitative adjectives are basically of three types:

a) Definite Numerical Adjective

b) Indefinite Numerical Adjective

c) Distributive Numerical Adjective

Definite Numerical Adjective

Definite means which is fixed like one, first, last, etc. and numerical means which tells the numbers. These types of adjectives are used to define countable noun

These are basically of two types:

Cardinal number:

These are the ones which tells the definite number of nouns like: One, two, three, four, etc.

  • There are four members in a committee.
  • Four is cardinal number
Ordinal number:

These are the ones which tells about noun in a specific numbers: First, second, third, last...

  • This was the last person who submitted the report.
  • Last is the ordinal.
Indefinite Numeral Adjective

These are the ones which are not fixed and qualifies the nouns whether countable or uncountable

Examples: some, enough, all, many, few, little, whole, most, more, etc.

  • Many persons need an invitation to attend the seminar
  • Most of the people here hate liars
Distributive Numerical Adjective

It includes each, either, neither, every, etc.

  • Every candidate ought to share his test paper.
  • Every trainee should be very careful while attending the training session

List of Quantitative Adjective

There are many quantitative adjectives to be listed in the same:

Few, many, much, enough, a lot, a ton of, a number of, a quantity of, less, little, fewer, fewest, most, Extra, half, thirty, hundred, etc.

There are three forms:

Positive: Little, few, much

Comparative: Less, fewer, more

Superlative: Least, fewest, most

  1. Not fewer than thirty passengers are waiting for the train
  2. Not less than three pieces of advice are required to study proper

Frequently asked Questions on Quantitative Adjective in English

  • a) Here are some of the important facts to be known.
    Some is a quantitative adjective
  • b) The doctor advised me to take a few days rest.
    A few is a quantitative adjective
  • c) All the steps are to be followed properly
  • d) More water is to be given to the patient

Quantitative adjectives are one the most imp form to tell the number and amount or quantity of countable and uncountable noun, without which we cannot identify the specific number of the nouns. Like many persons, some laptops, half the burger.

The best way to discover the quantitative adjective is to check which word is telling the amount or number of the particular noun for example.

  • a) Half century has been completed.
    Half is a quantitative adjective century is a noun
  • b) There is no equipment here.
    No is a quantitative adjective which qualifies equipment.
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