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Life values
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List of Personal Core Values

List of Personal Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. There are many examples of core values in the world, depending upon the context.

There are countless types of personal and company values. You'll need to choose the ones that are right for you. It’s natural to want to choose a long list of core values in an effort to be the best you can be, but limiting your selection to a few helps you really focus on the most integral values in life without becoming distracted.

25 Personal Values for Behavior and Traits

The way a person acts and treats others is impacted by the individual's core values. Others often interpret a person's core values as examples of character traits.

  • adventurous
  • authenticity
  • commitment
  • compassion
  • concern for others
  • consistency
  • courage
  • dependability
  • enthusiasm
  • fearlessness
  • friendliness
  • good humor
  • honesty
  • honor
  • independence
  • integrity
  • kindness
  • loyalty
  • open-mindedness
  • optimism
  • perseverance
  • pragmatism
  • positivity
  • reliability
  • respect
25 Personal Values About Rights and Causes

Core values also impact which rights and causes tend to matter the most to a person.

  • altruism
  • animal rights
  • charity
  • civil disobedience
  • community development
  • education
  • environmentalism
  • equality
  • fitness
  • freedom
  • giving back
  • historic preservation
  • human rights
  • individual liberties
  • justice
  • nurturing the next generation
  • patriotism
  • philanthropy
  • respect for individuals
  • rule of law
  • social justice
  • stand up for the underdog
  • stewardship
  • support for the arts
  • tolerance

Examples of Positive Core Values About Life

Often, when you hear someone discuss why they fell in love with their other half, they will mention that they have the same values. In this case, they are often talking about core values, which are internal beliefs that dictate how life should be lived and how people should behave.

  • A belief, or lack thereof, in God or an affiliation with a religious/spiritual institution
  • A belief in being a good steward of resources and in exercising frugality
  • A belief that family is of fundamental importance
  • A belief that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned
  • A belief in maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Parents also try to instill these types of positive core values in children in an effort to give them guiding principles for living a good life.

Negative Core Values About Life

Of course, core values aren’t always positive. Some people may be driven by self-interest or greed, and these are core values, too, if they dictate the way the people live their lives. Negative attitudes and core values can also develop when people live in fear or insecurity and are forced to focus on survival in difficult circumstances.

  • A belief that the world is a fundamentally brutal place and that only the strong survive
  • A belief that people are powerless to change their fates or personal situations
  • A belief that you don’t deserve good things or relationships in life
  • A belief that other people are fundamentally untrustworthy and unloving
  • A belief that life is meaningless
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